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Vision Session

1 session  |  1 hr  |  $225

We start with this one-hour home tour allows us to learn the current flow of your home and what is ready to shift in your space, what needs attention, a new home, a new system, a new flow. From this we develop a tangible action plan and generate design plan for next steps of organization and flow.

Space Refresh

1 session  |  3 hrs  |  $450

Once you are clear about what space needs your attention first, we dedicate three hours to reclaim a space with a vision and simplified action plan — and then simplify, shift, revitalize and recreate
the space. 

Revitalize + Renew

3 sessions  |  9 hrs  |  $1,300

This package includes:

3 x 3-hour Space Sessions


These 3 power sessions offers you savings and allows for larger or multiple spaces to be transformed and revitalized. With the vision session, project plan, and these three additional sessions, we really transform a space.

This package is booked at time of initial consult.

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