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Philosophy + Motivation

Your home is your primary ecosystem.

It is a vessel for how and where you manifest your life. It's where you recharge.

I offer space therapy for you and your home. I help you revitalize and reset your home, allowing you to lead a brighter, clearer, more easeful life. I offer you space to breathe. I offer you space to pause. I am a sounding board to facilitate your vision and dreams for your space. This collective process directly allows for both your home’s energy and personal energy to boost. And then put these visions into action.

Our home is the vessel in which our life is digested.

As an active ecosystem, our home requires an energy to be revitalized. Just like our digestive system in our bodies, or homes have a similar digestive tract that needs our attention and energy. When it gets backed up, it manifests in all sorts of way: clogged drawers, heaping piles, lost keys, endless laundry, stacks of papers, closets that are stuffed full, crammed cabinets, rooms we never want to go in, clogged entryways, pyramids of shoes on the floor, headaches, anxiety, confusion, overwhelm, lost time. This does not have to be your reality.

I listen to you. I collaborate with you. I help you develop your vision to see beyond the current manifestation of your house. What is your current experience in your home? How do you want to feel in your home?


I come with a large tool kit. And use what you need and best serves you. I remind you of your own tool kit and help you use that as well.  I facilitate the process of clarifying next steps, a larger project plan bringing in all tools necessary: distilling what you want more of, eliminating what isn’t serving you anymore, and streamlining a path to get there. 


This process is not so much about getting rid of or purging everything, but finding a flow and space for it all.


I help you identify what you are physically ready to shift. This could manifest in a variety of ways. Purging a closet, moving around an office or bedroom, repurposing a room into something completely new, reworking furniture that you have from one room to another, buying a new piece of furniture, talking about paint color for the walls, brainstorming larger visions for spaces as if time + energy was limitless.

Our space affects the way we engage the world and our personal experience in navigating it. In the same way that beliefs become our thoughts, thoughts our words, words our actions, actions our habits, habits our values, and values our destiny, so does our space.

Let's get started.


Create a vision for your home.
I help you identify what kind of space you want to live in. 

Identify stuck areas.
This can manifest in different ways: physical space, money, time, resources, energy, etc. Where are you currently putting your energy? We recognize this process can be emotional, and we embrace that. The path will not necessarily be linear.


Develop a project plan.
This is the concrete portion of the process. Here we come up with a customized plan to get you to where you want to be. We break down the project into small pieces. 

Reclaim your space.
Through re-design, re-purpose, re-imagining, we empower you to live your fullest life in a space that serves you.


We believe in giving a second life to things you no longer need.

Part of the process of clarifying your space, and finding your flow means saying goodbye to some of your no longer needed belongings. I coordinate with other Bay Area local business to provide full-service hauling of these items for donation to organizations that distribute to people who can use them. 


Items not fit for donation are sorted for recycling. All your unneeded items are treated in an environmentally sustainable way. 

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