offers practical, hands-on space healing services to the
San Francisco Bay Area. Bring innovation and customized solutions into your home to create the space you want in life.



| hōm |

a space to thrive, feel at ease, be nourished + reboot and allow for all the things you love to come together in one place; a space to support what you want to do most in the world, creative potential space to expand.



We start your journey by creating a vision for your space and life. What do you want more of in life? How do you want your home to be?


We then identify where you are feeling stuck. What are the barriers to living your fullest life? I will show you how to use your own tool-kit to boost your home and personal energy.


Together, we develop clarity for next steps, and a larger project plan to recreate, redesign, revitalize, and reclaim your space. 

see space transformations

Visualize what's possible in your own home.

From bedrooms and garages to workspaces and art studios, we identify where you feel stuck and then clarify and reclaim your space to support the life you want to live.

what past clients say

"Molly exudes professionalism and a strong commitment to individualizing her services. Her follow-through and communication has always been excellent."

"I am forever grateful I had Molly at my side and back. You will gain so much out of the process. You will get your project done right and find unexpected positive results."

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