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What I believe


Your home is the vessel where your life is digested. And like the digestive system in our bodies, our homes have a digestive tract that needs our attention and energy. When it gets backed up, it manifests in all sorts of ways: clogged drawers, heaping piles, lost keys, stacks of papers. We experience headaches, anxiety, and overwhelm. This does not have to be your reality.



I offer space therapy for you and your home. I help you revitalize and reset your home, allowing you to lead a brighter, clearer, more easeful life. I offer you space to breathe, to pause. I facilitate your vision and dreams for your space, and then help you turn that vision into reality.

What you can expect


Supportive guidance & collaboration

I listen to you. I collaborate with you. I help you identify what you are physically ready to shift. I come with a large toolkit that is tailored to your needs, and remind you of your own toolkit and help you use that as well.


Room for your imagination

I help you develop your vision to see beyond the current state of your home. What is your present experience in your home? How do you want to feel in your home? I help you turn this dream into reality. 


Integration — not just elimination

This process is less about getting rid of or purging everything, and more about authentic integration, or finding a flow and space for it all. In this process, we distill what you want more of, and eliminate what no longer serves you. 


I believe in giving a second life to things you no longer need.

Part of the process of clarifying your space, and finding your flow means saying goodbye to some of your no longer needed belongings. I coordinate with other Bay Area local businesses to provide full-service hauling of these items for donation to organizations that distribute to people who can use them. 


Items not fit for donation are sorted for recycling. All your unneeded items are treated in an environmentally sustainable way. 

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