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Meet Molly

Molly brings a fresh and inspired perspective to being human — give yourself grace, trust the unfolding of life and allow yourself to be surprised. She is grounded by the simple principle that a home has the potential and power to nourish all aspects of your life. The home is a dynamic ecosystem that plays a vital role in your creativity, peace, and overall well-being. Organizing and optimizing your home is essential for channeling your time and energy into the things you love most.


Molly approaches each home and human connection with curiosity, aiming to bring clarity, revitalization, and new possibilities to you and your space.


Molly's visionary collaboration offers you the opportunity to enjoy the process of revitalizing your home, whether it involves decluttering, organizing, or designing. Molly serves as your collaborator, designer, functionalist, and problem solver, helping you lighten the energetic load of decluttering, organizing, and transforming your space on your own. There is so much potential in creative collaboration.


With 15 years of experience in space design, Molly also incorporates her extensive background in Ayurvedic Health Counseling into her toolbox. She brings unique perspectives on how personalized self-knowledge and lifestyle are integral to creating a harmonious home space that truly nourishes.


My clients

My diverse clientele include educators, artists, visionaries, parents, and change-makers — and live in Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Lamorinda and the Greater Bay Area. 

Travel fees can be added for projects outside this zone.

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