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Molly supports you with her compassionate wisdom, understanding that letting things go can be a layered and emotional process.

Molly understands systems, processes, what will serve you in the end result, and individualized the project throughout. She really wanted to know what worked
for me.

Having too much stuff is a blessing and a curse. Before calling Molly I was feeling overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I had accumulated in my studio space. Molly was extremely diligent in accessing what to keep, organize, donate, and store. The before and after was magnificent and truly inspiring. I would highly recommend using Molly to get you organized and back on track!

Megan S.

Photographer & Mom

Molly's services fundamentally transformed my garage. The results are stunning: an inviting home office that's organized and supportive of major productivity, and storage that responds to our needs and activities. The task was monumental but she made it doable and fun.

I enthusiastically recommend Molly. Get on it! Own your space!

Rachel B.

Tech Executive & Mom


Molly is thoughtful, caring, and gently helps you at tough decision points. It was not easy for me to admit to myself, let alone a stranger, that I needed help with organization. But Molly helped me process and move through the sticking points and blocks that were preventing me from taking care of myself in these areas.

Shayne M.


Molly exudes professionalism
and a strong commitment to individualizing her services.
Her follow-through and communication has always been excellent. I've benefited greatly from Molly's organization skills and techniques; she's helped to make enormous tasks far more manageable and efficient.

Jeannette R.

Service Coordinator & Mom

Walnut Creek

I came to Molly with a ton of ideas, obstacles, and a specific budget. She patiently and clearly helped me discern what the main issues were, where to begin and how to have fun through the process. Molly is a joy to work with, reliable, supportive, professional, and has a gift to make the whole process feel nourishing to the spirit.

Naima S.

Educator & Singer

Molly is a fabulous organizer — so good that her process allowed me to get rid of things I thought I never wanted to let go of.

Salle C.

Business Owner & Artist

Molly has an amazing intuition and wisdom to know in what way and with what I needed help with in the moment, the right pace for each piece of the job, and kept an eye on the big picture as we went so I didn't have to.

In addition to Molly's natural organizational skill set, she is warm, non-judgmental, and creative in her approach. You will not be disappointed to work with Molly— she will help you visualize and actualize your organizational goals.

Emily S.

University Dean

I couldn't have managed selling my house of 20 years without Molly helping me through each phase of the project. 

After hearing about Molly's skills for a while I finally bit the bullet and asked her to help me. We spent a couple hours focused mostly on my closet of no return. She was patient and didn't try to convince me to get rid of everything. I actually enjoy opening my closet door now! I would definitely recommend her to anyone.

Mira B. 

Clothing Designer

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